This, is Studio "B"

Our first and only Rock Opera

Our story begins in 1986, or so . . .

Cal had recording gear, but little or no talent.

He mentioned this to Dan, and they started meeting on Sundays.

And there was much rejoicing.

Full Moon   (3:57)

Why? Tell Me Why.   (4:18)

(Then She Told Me 'bout the)
Spice Of Life

Barnburner   (5:23)

Love Her So (Damn Much)   (3:45)

The Detective Song   (3:57)

Things Will Never Be The Same   (3:11)

An Introduction to Warfare   (3:00)

And, . . . The John Nelson Experience
(A Studio "B" Production)

Day Tripper   (2:47)

There's more.

Studio B Correspondence

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