April 2008 : The CD Months

We realized near the end of January ’08 that the disk space our web site provider had made available was used up. On April 11th they gave us lots more. While we waited, we were only able to distribute new material by email or CD.


We now present the 3 CDs created during that time. Click on the covers for artwork and notes. Click on the songs and enjoy.


“Winter 2008”

November 2007 through January 2008 were pretty productive months for us.




“Jeff Jam”

Recorded January 31, 2008. Guest star : Jeff



“No More Jam”

Recorded February 15 and February 19, 2008. Guest stars : Jeff and Moglie.

… And March 7, 2008. Guest star : Mike

         Maybe To



“T” & “T” - We’ll knock you off your feet.


2008 “T” & “T”