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May 29, 2006 :"T" & "T" announces first release to fan club

Dear Fan Club Member,
"T" & "T" is proud to announce the first unofficial release of material.
It consists of two snippets from our third rehearsel.
They ain't pretty, but they've got potential.....
They are available at .
NOTE: When I use Internet Explorer, they play in some sort of "plug-in" -  and I have to stop them, and then start them again to get them to play correctly (sorry - I'm still learning how this internet stuff works).
Here is what would be the "Liner Notes":
The Band:
Tyler on Bass
Trevor on Drums
Dad on Guitar and yelling
The Ballad of John and Yoko by The Beatles:
This was actually the sixth or seventh take. Yep, that's Dad tryin to "la-la" his way through the lyrics (my voice was alredy gettin scratchy). Only lasts til the end of the second chorus.
Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones:
Fifth or sixth take. Should be much faster. Dad continues to yell his way through the lyrics. "We gotta get a singer, man." is pointed out at the end. There's an urban legend that The Ramones would play for 30 minutes, and everyone would leave, satisfied. Trevor is doing his best to pump out a Ramones beat, but we need more gusto!
Anyway, hope you like it. We aim to please.
May 29, 2006 :Welcome to the official "T" & "T" Fan Club

Dear Fan Club Member,


Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, an email group has been successfully created called the "T" & "T" Fan Club, and you are among the first members.


While this has little, or no, significance at this time, it may in the future...., who knows????


Perhaps..??..... club member VISA cards, or special rates at fine hotels, or free brain surgery, after any fall, from any kind of tree that stands more than 12 feet high. Stranger things have happened.


Anyway, welcome.

May 30 2006  :"T" & "T" Fan Club Letter - May 30, 2006
Dear Fan Club Member,
"T" & "T" is pleased to announce that they were not involved in any major crowd control problems over the past holiday weekend, and would like to point out that the band had absolutely no contact with any local authority, for any reason, whatsoever - thus disproving any rumors that may have circulated in the media.
"T" & "T" hopes that this will allay any fears amoung our Fan Club community.
June 2, 2006   : "T" & "T" Fan Club Letter - June 2, 2006
Dear Fan Club Member,
"T" & "T" is pleased to announce that we have reworked our web site... a new look, a new version of an old song and a way to contact the band. Drop us a line, anytime.
Be sure to share the band's web site with your friends. Encourage them to join The "T" & "T" Fan Club and enjoy the many benefits of club membership. Don't forget, it's still free!
We would also like to mention the addition of a new entry to the "T" & "T" song list:
8. That Thing You Do - The Wonders

12/26/07 : Happy Boxing Day 2007! from "T" & "T" 

Dear Fan Club Member,


Well, we've reached another Boxing Day, many memories............


"T" & "T" wishes you the best of holidy seasons.




Please Note:


The "T" & "T" management (and it's affiliates) are sad to announce that we have used up all of our web


site storage space.


The fine people who provide this web site service ( have assured it's members that more


web site storage will soon be available.


In the interim, the band needs to decide how to react to the overwhelming demand for new "T" & "T"




Stay tuned ...



1/25/08 : Winter 2008

Dear Fan Club Member,


We continue to await the additional web site storage space that we've been promised by our web site


provider (


In the interim, the band has created a CD called “Winter 2008”. It contains 11 tracks, recorded between  November 2007 and January 2008.



As we intend to never charge our fan club members for our product, we present the folowing alternatives  ...




     ... I'll send the files, and you do with them as you please...........(our cost 0 (zero))




     ... I'll send a CD with hand written label. (our cost ~$1.00 USD)


CD with case (band pictures, etc. ...).


     ... (our cost ~$2.00 USD)



2/9/08 : Curtain Pulled on "The News"

The performance Saturday night at the Jack London School Variety Show by "The News", a highly popular Jr. high school jazz group starring bassist Trevor Niemi, was abruptly stopped by school officials.


During a rendition of The Beatles "Come Together", the curtain was closed and power was cut off.


The complaint, according to bystanders, was the verse "... he shoot coca cola ...", which administrators found offensive, unlike the rest of the lyrics.


Phone messages left with Mr. Niemi were not returned.



3/31/08 : And then, everything was different...

Dear Fan Club Member,


About an hour ago I hooked up my (17 year old) synthesizer to "the system". Tyler has not stopped playing since. He has never played a piano based instrument before. .....


Stay tuned   ......



4/11/08 : spring '08

Dear Fan Club,


"T" & "T" is pleased to announce that the fine people who provide our web site ( have successfully upgraded their system, … so, now we can share much more material with our many fans.


The entire “T” & “T” organization would like to thank Comcast for providing this service.


It will take a few days to update the web page, so hang in there…


We’ll knock you off your feet, soon….



4/20/08 : 420/08

Dear Fan Club Member,


Because our website address ( is a little difficult to remember, and Dad's too cheap to buy us a real website, we are trying MySpace and Facebook to spread the word.


Once you find us there, you can click on our site address which is listed in both places.


So ........

On MySpace (which I'm told is no longer cool):   ... (call us t n t)


Or, if you have an account on Facebook: (search for : "T" & "T")


We have several hours of new recordings behind us, and will have fresh material ready to share soon.


We aim to please.


the management



p.s. It's "4/20" and Trevor's 18th birthday! "He's eighteen and HE LIKES IT!"



5/23/08 : Web site update #1

Dear Fan Club Member,


In preperation for the next web site update, we've rearranged the "Prior Releases" page.


Our first release, in 2006, seems like a long time ago, and we're very proud of our progress.


Stay tuned... there's new stuff comin'.............



6/21/08 :

Dear Fan Club Member,


On 6/20/08 we got seven very good recordings.....


They will be on the "T" & "T" web-site soon....


If you'd like to hear them, let me know



6/23/08 :

Dear Fan Club Member,


As we mentioned, we got some very good recordings on June 20. About 2 and a half hours worth.


We're editing.


In the meantime, we've attached a raw file of one track that we call "Strut". (Just got to agree on the arrangement.)



9/5/08 : Three New Songs

Hi ya'll!


We're  pickin' through the latest stuff and decided to do early releases to Fan Club members... 'cuz maybe you can help us out.


We've got 28 hours of new recordings.


And, so far, we've cut that down to 4 hours.


We're trying to pick the next 7 or 8 songs to present on the website.....


So, here's three of them, I'll send them one at a time..............




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